OCV Addresses Rancho Mirage City Council re NDAA and Drones

Steve Finger, with Occupy Coachella Valley (OCV) and representing CV v NDAA, opened Public Comments at the Rancho Mirage City Council on Thursday, April 4th with a presentation on why the council should be aware and wary of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed by Congress.

Specifically, he mentioned that the NDAA provisions of arrest without due process and for indefinite detention could both be without charge. In fact, the arrest could be triggered by little more than suspicion that a person’s protest against ‘government’ was equivalent to an act of “terrorism” or based on the vague term of a “belligerent act.” This was counter, he said, to our Bill of Rights, as well as to the rights granted by the California Constitution, even counter to the purpose and intention of the Rancho Mirage City Council.

These concerns are shared by people and legislative bodies all across the nation; the California State Assembly is so concerned about the unconstitutional provisions of the NDAA and the harm it might do to its residents, that it has introduced Assembly Bill 351 – the California Liberty Preservation Act. AB 351 not only calls for not complying with the NDAA, it provides for a misdemeanor charge for those who assist in its implementation, as well as stipulating a fine or imprisonment, or both.

Steve made the remarks in order to garner the support of the council for AB 351 and for a city resolution against the NDAA. He also asked that the council keep the NDAA in mind when considering the anti-drone ordinance scheduled later on that day’s agenda. The proposed ordinance currently makes an exception for ‘lawful purpose,’ which he suggested might provide an open door to the draconian NDAA provisions, indicating that he would address how that door might best be shut when the council had the item before them.

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