We are Paying Mexico to keep people from reaching our border

We are paying Mexico to keep people from reaching our border, people who are fleeing Central American violence.

Day of the Dead Altar Competition

The Comite Latino has built altars dedicated to the immigrants who have died, and who are still dying at the rate of two every day, trying to cross the border. And the more the U.S. fortifies the border, more will die, as they are forced to try to cross in more and more remote and desolate areas. The first display was Tuesday, October 29 at the College of the Desert. They won second prize in the Altar competition, with the C.O.D. chapter of MECHA taking first prize (see below). Many of these pictures are really horrific – bodies found in the desert. This is the human suffering that the seemingly clean and nice goal of “securing the border” has brought to many thousands of immigrants and their families.

On Wednesday, they put up an altar at Desert Mirage High School in Mecca, where many students viewed the exhibit. Friday, November 1, they put up an altar at Raices, a youth group in Coachella, beginning at 5 pm. Their office is on sixth street across from city hall. On Saturday and Sunday an altar will be on display at the Catholic Church in Mecca, and on Sunday at the Catholic churches in Coachella and Desert Hot Springs. We urge you all to go and see one of these altars. The pictures are unforgettable and a call to action. This is a human rights crisis that is ongoing right here in our own back yard.
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