There are several committees in the Occupy Movement, and participation in any of them by occupiers is encouraged. They report to and are empowered by consensus of the General Assembly.  They are:

  • Direct Action – this committee suggests and plans direct actions that can be taken on specific issues like income inequality, workers’ rights, etc. and gives a report on recent activities
  • Finance – this committee handles any donations that are collected and gives a report re what comes in and what goes out
  • Legal – this committee seeks and/or offers legal assistance and advice regarding actions, protests, civil disobedience and reports to the group
  • Media – this committee deals with website development and maintenance, press releases, photographs, webcasts, fliers, informational brochures, email blasts, and social media like Twitter and Facebook, YouTube, BlogTalk Radio and reports on same
  • Outreach – this committee presents and implements ideas re reaching out to the community through teach-ins, presentations, canvassing, tabling, etc.and reports to the GA re progress



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