GA Consent Items

6 June 2013 Summary

1)   Prior consent: 

a) $50 donation to VFP for luncheon. 

b) 2 OCV shirts donated: 1 for raffle, 1 to Rep. Ruiz.

2)   Walmart Action.  (Reports)

3)   ABC.  Adam Sanchez to attend Monday.

4)   Foreclosure actions locally (Deb Savitt).

5)   Activist luncheon Monday (Reports)

6)   Drones and Obama (Steve F. report)

7)   DHS City Council meeting Tuesday, 6/4, 4:45 pm. Importance of attendance through elections.

8)   CVEP bikepath group. Tuesday, June 4, 730 pm. 3111 Tahquitz Canyon Way.  Refreshments will be served.

26 May 2013 Summary of DA Consent Items

1)   Prior consent: 

a) Co-sponsor David Cobb speech at Crystal Fantasy 6/12 with Move-to-Amend.

b) Pass out brochures DHS Saturday, ABC, Kmart, Vons & Staters. 

c) Financial support for VFP luncheon.

2)   VFP luncheon. Noon, Monday, May 27.

3)   ABC.  Brochuring.  (Report Chuck, Bob, Rosie)

4)   Stonewall Democratic meeting (report Tracy).

5)   Occupy Dept. of Justice.  (report Deb Savitt)

6)   Drones (report Steve F.)

7)   Food not Bombs Monsanto action.  (Report from Carolyn, Tracy?)

8)   DSUSD work action (report Gabrielle).

9)   OurWalmart action.  La Quinta, Thursday 5/30 at 5 pm.

21 April 2013 Summary of DA Consent Items

1)consent for Gabrielle to post details of AB 441, an anti-teacher piece of legislation pending; 2) Consent to attend May 2 Rancho Mirage Council meeting on drones, with model legislation drawn up by Steve Finger; 3)Compensate Bob Terry $30 for printing costs; authorize another $30 5)  Set up booth at DHS High School 5K run, Sat., 4/27, 7:15 am to distribute A Better Community info on Sentinel and Walmart 6) Purchase banner from Comite Latino printer for General Assembly reading:  OccupyCoachellaValley General Assembly….Welcome! 7) Participate in OurWalmart action April 24

Direct Action Plan for City Council Oversight 

In the General Assembly on Sunday, February 3, 2013 consent was given to restructure the Occupy City Hall strategy.  We still intend to visit City Councils to present prepared public statements on continuing direct actions, such as Sentinel, Wal-Mart, corporate “personhood,” and foreclosure.  The new program will add an additional layer of oversight, however, that will allow Occupy Coachella Valley to respond quickly when individual councils attempt to sneak corrupt, unjust or just stupid agenda items past the public.  It will work like this:

  1. Members of OCV will adopt one of the nine cities, or the County Board of Supervisors. If possible, adopt the city you live in.
  2. Each adopter will request that they be put on their city’s pre-agenda notification list, if the city has this program (some do).
  3. Each adopter will monitor and review the agenda posted online for their city in the week prior to the Council meeting. This is very easy to do.  Just bookmark the City webpage and visit it to check the agenda.  It only takes five minutes. You might even have time to browse the Planning Commission agenda, or some of the other advisory committees.  Become an expert on the backroom dealings of your community.
  4. If there are any items that are of interest to OCV (agenda items contrary to OCV principles or demands, likely corruption, or random craziness that needs media attention), make a quick report at the Sunday General Assembly, so that direct action can be planned.

Ideally, each one of us will become an expert on our communities with the long-range goal of identifying problems early on, shaping policy to OCV demands, and replacing corrupt officials with honest ones.

20 January 2013 Summary of DA Consent Items

1) Workgroup to locate an indoor venue for General Assembly for inclement weather days 2) All outside groups need General Assembly approval to post e-blasts on website. 

12 and 13 January 2013 Summary of DA Consent Items

  1. Collaborate with Move to Amend to present resolution and promote event on 1/21 to Palm Springs City Council, Wednesday, 1/16, 6 pm.
  2. Form a videography workgroup to create a documentary film about Occupy Coachella Valley. Volunteers:  Richard Finn, Steven Kong, Carolann Bouldin, Bob Terry, Jerry Malamud.
  3. Arrange a meeting with V. Manuel Perez; Tracy to coordinate.
  4. Collaborate with Our Wal-Mart on continuing direct action in Desert Hot Springs.
  5. Compensate Darel for his initial outlay on T-shirts.
  6. Approved organizations that can utilize Occupy Coachella Valley e-blasts at discretion of media committee:  Veterans for Peace, Move to Amend, Food Not Bombs, Comite Latino.  Their events cannot conflict with OCV events or statement of principle.  Other groups may come to General Assemblies and ask for consent for e-blasts.
  7. Support Desert Sands Unified schoolteacher protest Wednesday (?- Gabrielle), 5:30 pm, ??? Dune Palms Rd., La Quinta.
  8. Approve help and funding as requested by vigil committees—ALL OCCUPIERS!!!

 6 January 2013 Summary of DA Consent Items

1.  Consent to collaborate with Carl McPeters on possible litigation against Sentinel.  Bob T. will contact.

2.  Consent to attend study session at Desert Hot Springs Council chambers, 1/8, 4 pm and subsequent Planning Commission Meeting at 6 pm, to object to Wal-Mart related issues.  We have reviewed agendas since consent, and determined that Wal-Mart will not be on the agenda at either meeting, and therefore cancel the proposed action.

3.  Consent to attend screening of environmental movie, “Fierce Green Fire”, at Palm Canyon Theatre in Frances Stevens Park, Tuesday, 1/8, 4:00 pm.  Recommend that attendees show up early (3:30 pm) to have a chance to chat with other filmgoers.  Chuck has provided a list of other environmental films showing at the Film Festival

4.  Consent to hold concurrent events 1/21:  VFP/MTA 2-4 pm; Occupy vigil 4-6 pm.  Separate planning committees will coordinate speaker lists, etc.

5.  Consent to publish non-controversial (issues covered in Declaration, Mission Statement) consent items on website.

Recent Posts

Special Event THIS Sunday! The Candidate… and YOU

We are hosting a Special Event this Sunday (8/28) at the Democratic HQ at 2 pm.
This event will feature one of the most progressive candidates in this valley. Greg Rodriquez is running for State Assembly in the 42nd District (which includes our area).  This is NOT just him talking to us… this is OUR opportunity to ask questions about the issues we are concerned about… and what he can/will do to address them.The Headquarters is at 67-555 E. Palm Canyon, Suite c104, Cathedral City.(Behind McDonalds, across from Trader Joe’s on 111.)

Bring an interested friend… we want as many issues brought up as possible…so we can decide AFTER the event, if we, as a Club, should (or should not) endorse Greg.

Please sign-up via our event page – and greet  Progressive Dems-page-001 (1)

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