Occupy Coachella Valley is a non-profit, non-partisan group of activists committed to effecting positive changes towards truthfulness and transparency, justice, and equality in their communities, the nation, and the world through non-violent protest and by speaking truth to power.  We do not bow unthinkingly to authority or passively accept the version of reality which the corporate state would have us believe.  We are grounded in the reality of our experience and knowledge that our present system is rigged to benefit the 1%, but hopeful in the belief that our world can be a better place, a place where all life can thrive, not merely survive if we join together in that common purpose.

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  1. Just wondering. What is being done to counter the extremist propaganda being pumped out by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity? There are at least 7 right wing radio sites pumping out lies in the Coachella Valley area and only one underpowered radio station giving the truth.

    • One thing we are doing Clay is countering the propaganda by providing truthful information on the website as well as listing a number of links to citizen news or independent sources of information–you will find these down the right side of page here under “Citizen News and/or Independent Information Sources.”

      In addition, we try to get the word out about issues by tabling, demonstrating, marching, having rallies and teach-ins. Join us!

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