National Defense Authorization Act

Occupy Coachella Valley rejects the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 as Unconstitutional. The legislation includes provisions which destroy the Constitutional rights of Habeas Corpus and due process. American citizens and all people everywhere have the inalienable right to contest their imprisonment and to a civilian trial by jury. We reject this and all legislation which abridges these rights as well as the false belief that doing so will make the nation more secure. Additionally, the bill funds wars that the majority of Americans oppose. These endless, senseless wars only serve the Corporatist interests of the 1% and we oppose this and all legislation which enables and perpetuates them.

AB351 NDAAtalkingpoints


AB351 Letter to Committee

We are very happy to report that AB 351, the NDAA nullification bill, passed the California Assembly Public Safety Committee unanimously and now will be considered for passage!!  Please call your assemblymember and urge him or her to vote for it!!!

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