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  1. I just read Assembly Bill 1318, Chapter 285, approved by Governor and filed by Sec of State Oct 11, 2009, for the first time (!). Near the beginning, Section I (a) (3) states:

    “(3) In October 2005, the Public Utilities Commission and the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission (commission) adopted the Energy Action Plan II, which establishes a policy that the state will rely on clean and efficient fossil fuel-fired generation to the extent energy efficiency and renewable resources are unsuitable.”

    Of course, there is no such thing as “…clean and efficient fossil fuel-fired generation…”! Since long before 2005 this has been a well-substantiated fact. Had there been as many public hearings as this bill indicates, one of us would have demanded, loudly and clearly, a correction to the gross error in the text.

    But more importantly is the last part of the sentence: “…to the extent energy efficiency and renewable resources are unsuitable.” I don’t know what “unsuitable” “energy efficiency” means; but to suggest that “renewable resources” would ever be “unsuitable” is an outrage! If they meant to say “renewable resources are [insufficient]” it is at the very least an instance of cavalier wordage, and that is unacceptable. But even suggesting such a notion, whether unsuitable or insufficient, is nothing less than a demonstration of willful disregard of reality; such dismissiveness is reprehensible. [Yes, big money does come to mind.]

    I saw Assemblyperson Manny Perez stand, smiling, in front of a large crowd of people and justify the construction and operation of CPV Sentinel fossil fuel-burning Power Plant by claiming that, here in the Coachella Valley, our sun, wind, and geothermal resources are not reliable! Lies like this are repeated until people believe them to be true. I’m horrified that a decision was/would be based on false phrases, like unsuitability of renewable resources and the unreliability of our abundant natural resources! Who doesn’t know that these claims are false and unacceptable?! [Again and again, money comes to mind.]

    I hope you will appreciate the relevance of my comments above when I suggest that it is imperative that Californians be allowed to look at the actual text of fracking legislation! I dread to think about all the misstatements and outright lies contained therein. So, I also suggest that it is imperative that Californians have plenty of opportunities to confront corporate frackers and their fracking friends in Sacramento. It should be put to a public vote!

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