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People Over Pollution is a grassroots activist group whose mission is to call attention to the growing global risk to living organisms and the planet due to climate change and environmental degradation.  If we do not drastically decrease our carbon output, the poisoning of our waterways, land, and air by the burning of fossil fuels, the destruction of our aquifers by fracking, the endangerment of our food supply posed by GMO crops and the overuse of antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones, and the reckless use of nuclear energy, these changes will become increasingly catastrophic. 

People Over Pollution works to combat the environmental impact of these practices and the imminent jeopardy to health and life of human beings and to the natural environment represented locally by the Sentinel gas plant, Western Environmental, toxic dumping, pesticide use, and the urgent need to act to save the Salton Sea, by disseminating information and mobilizing community support in demanding that our local leaders and decision-makers shift the paradigm towards a clean energy future and that they make substantive changes in policy to address these threats and create a more sustainable Coachella Valley and world.

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  1. The environmental activists within Occupy Coachella Valley formed a group called People Over Pollution, specifically to STOP the fossil fuel-/natural gas-burning power plant CPV Sentinel from going into operation.

    That begins to clear things up a bit, don’t you think?!

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