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This morning Wikileaks leaked the Intellectual Property Rights Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership today, which revealed that the secretive  agreement will negatively affect Internet freedom, copyright law, biological patents, access to medicine, and civil liberties.

Please view the documents here: Wikileaks-secret-TPP-treaty-IP-chapter              and spread the word!

Analysis of the TPP intellectual property chapter on access to medicines:
MSF/Doctors Without Borders’ Release and Memo on How the Trans-Pacific FTA Undermines Access to Medicines

Public Citizen’s Memo on Obama Administration Backtracking from Bush Era Access to Medicine Commitments

MSF/Doctors Without Borders’ White Paper “Trading Away Health”

Public Citizen’s Access to Medicine Analyses Comparing TPP Proposals with Existing Laws and Trade Pacts

The Global Treatment Access Group Paper on the TPP and Access to Medicines

For analysis of the updated TPP intellectual property chapter see:
Public Citizen Memo “What’s New in the Wikileaks TPP Text?”

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No War in Syria Action a Success!

Peace Activists and Occupy Coachella Valley gathered in Palm Springs to make a statement in opposition to any military strike on Syria, occupying all four street corners at Tahquitz and Palm Canyon Drive with the message “NO WAR IN SYRIA!,” displaying peace signs, and urging Congressman Ruiz to vote for peace and jobs, not bombs.

Peace Vigil - No War in SyriaPeace Vigil2

Peace Vigil3

Peace Vigil4

We are very heartened by the pullback from war by the White House and the decision to allow Congress to vote on any military strike, due only to public outcry and the urging of other countries such as Russia. Like him or hate him, Putin’s eloquent op ed on the situation in Syria hits home because it truthfully sums the situation up so well (see

Obama’s statement that he is going to pursue diplomacy first is a win for peace, though his reserving military intervention as a fallback plan, particularly whether or not Congress approves, is cause for grave concern.  This is especially true in light of Obama’s continued executive overreach.  We are, as they say, not out of the woods yet, but rejoice that sanity and good sense have won out for now over foolhardy plans to use force in an area that needs a peaceful solution so desperately as war-torn Syria.  Hopefully Americans’ war weariness will eventually lead to a dismantling of the war machine and an end to empire.

Tour de Peace Palm Springs Visit a Success

Cindy Sheehan embodies the Occupy spirit of principle over party and holding power accountable regardless of political affiliation.  As such, she has been equally critical of Obama as she was of George W. Bush as a perpetuator of war and indefinite detention, and how Obama is even worse than Bush in prosecuting (and persecuting) whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning, the “kill list,” and drone warfare.

Like Cindy Sheehan, Occupy demands a peaceful society, a realignment of basic values, and an end to war for profit.  In order to achieve this, more people need to follow her example, reclaim their principles, realize how corrupt the two-party system has become, and demand a level playing field for all political parties, such as the Peace and Freedom Party on whose ticket Cindy ran in 2012 with Roseanne Barr, by insisting that the debates be opened to all third-party and independent candidates, that they be moderated again by a neutral party such as the League of Women Voters, and that all political parties be granted ballot access and proportional representation.

We wish Cindy all success in raising the public’s awareness of the important issues of peace and non-violence vs. war and a shift from a fossil-fuel-based war economy to a peaceful and sustainable green economy, on her bicycle trek across the country to Washington D.C. to speak truth to power!  Next stop 29 Palms!

For more information on this event, see: